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6 Eco-friendly Ways to Reuse a Bamboo Toothbrush

We are so glad that you want to do the extra mile and upcycle your worn-out toothbrush before recycling it. By now your toothbrush has well served its primary purpose: cleaning your teeth. According to hygienists and dentists, you should replace your toothbrush about every 2/3 months. So welcome to our multi-purpose guide to your bamboo toothbrush.

You can either keep the bristles or discard them. 


Our first recommendation:

Start by disinfecting your old toothbrush, boiling it in hot water for a few minutes. Label or mark it as a “house tool” or any other name just to guarantee you don’t mix it up with the regular toothbrush.


The toothbrush is the ideal tool to dust gently your keyboard and get rid of crumbs and other debris stuck in between keys. You may also use it in other electrical appliances like the hairdryer or the vacuum cleaner.



Garlic crusher and cheese graters are never easy to clean. You will definitely spare your soft sponge if you keep an old bamboo toothbrush by your sink. It will be handy for more efficient cleaning and unclogging of these items.



If you are a jogger or your kids play sports, you can easily get muddy and dirty sneakers. The bamboo toothbrush is perfect to scrub the small spaces in the treads. It can be family teamwork too.



Do you imagine your toothbrush like a magic wand? Well, it can be if you use it to gently scrub with cleansing soap those persistent stains from your favourite clothes. Whisper abracadabra, just in case ;)



You must remove the bristles first. Afterward, simply write the name of the plant or the herbs in the handle and stick it into the soil. Your garden will definitely be livelier.



There are so many creative projects you can do with your kids or by yourself as a mindfulness exercise. You may build a photo frame, a stick house, a mandala, a pot base, or a soap tray. Imagination has no limits.


Lastly, the many ways you reuse a plastic toothbrush can also be done with bamboo. We would love to hear your ideas too in order to increase community awareness and engagement. If you still have any doubts about why a bamboo toothbrush is better than a plastic toothbrush, check this article.


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