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About Us

“Small changes eventually adds up to huge results.”

Welcome to Straight up Boo!

Straight up Boo is your one-stop-shop for the premium quality Bamboo products. Yes, now you can take part in making environment eco-friendly by reducing waste. Straight up Boo has been established with a sole aim to keep environment plastic-free. We’ve introduced sustainable products that are eco-friendly and don’t compromise on your health. Straight up Boo is more like a philosophy that encourages the humans to remodel the life cycles (how resources are being used) so that all the products can be reused again. The primary goal of this movement is to free the landfills from trash.

What is Straight up Boo all about?

Straight up Boo is about offering the ultimate alternative against plastic products. Our bamboo toothbrush is a bold step against the usage of plastic products that contaminate our environment badly and surely are not safe for our planet—Our Earth. Our approach is to promote zero waste with the less use of resources; the environment will face reduced pollution from disposal, manufacturing, and extraction.

Our Mission

Our aim is simple; we want to promote zero waste concept by offering our super eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrush which is suitable for health and atmosphere.

Our Vision

Keep society green, ourselves green by using eco-friendly products. We want to see society growing and promoting ecology products for a better future life.

Our Products

We sell environmentally-friendly products such as our Straightupboo bamboo toothbrush as our product is 100% reusable, affordable and most importantly promote an eco-friendly environment. All our products are made up of organic material, so no need to worry about.

“Slow changes nurtures the world we want better than quick fixes.”

Core Competencies

  • Quality Check System:

We’ve with our quality control check system which ensures that each product meets the requirements of the eco-friendly environment and serves the same purpose.

  • 100% environment-friendly:

The product we sell is 100% environmental-friendly, so feel relaxed while using our product.

  • Affordability:

Our high-quality products are incredibly affordable and available to everyone. So shop with us as we have something for everyone.

“This is about striving to be more environmental-friendly.”

So what you’re waiting for? Get the best products for yourself today! We hope to assist you soon 